Product Code: SL650/650+
Call for Price: 1300 657720

With the SL650 digital slit lamp, easily take high-resolution images and videos for better patient management.

Thanks to its smart design and powerful Anaeyes SL software, analyze and compare several images of the anterior and posterior chamber, monitor pathologies, and examine the patient’s meibomian glands for a complete and hassle-free eye assessment.

  • Improved image quality and facilitated diagnosis
  • Digitally-optimized patient management
  • Simplified ergonomics. Enhanced analysis

SL650+ adds

Dry Eye Module

  • Five comprehensive and non-invasive tests:
    • Meibography
    • NIBUT (non-invasive tear break-up time)
    • Eye redness analysis
    • Tear meniscus height
    • Lipid layer analysis
  • Advanced software and AI-powered identification system
  • Dry eye report