Brand: TMI
Product Code: TMI-90

The exophthalmometer is an instrument designed to measure the forward protrusion of the eye. This instrument provides a method of evaluating the recording the progression and regression of the prominence of an eye caused by disorders such as thyroid disease and tumors of the orbit.

DIMENSION     :245(W)X 85(D) X 20(H)mm
NET WEIGHT     :80g

This instrument consists of a horizontal calibrated bar with movable carriers at each side. Each carrier consists of mirros inclined at 45 degrees to reflect both the scale reading and the apex of the cornea in profile. Notches on the side carriers are placed on the bony lateral orbital margins of the patient. The patient is then asked to fixated on a point on the examiner's forehead. The apex of the cornea of each eye is superimposed on the millimeter scale reading by inclined mirrors.The measurement of each eye is recorded by the examiner, alternately viewing with the right and left eye. The distance along the horizontal bar is also recorded as the base so that the carriers will be set at the same base at subsequent readings for comparison of the forward protrusion of each eye in relation to the bony orbit.