Brand: Takagi
Product Code: OC-1
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OC-1A - with armrests

OC1-B - no armrests

Ideal Chair for operators

Hard and thick cushion
Since a hard and thick cushion is used, the patient’s body does not sink too deep and the operator doesn’t feel  tired even after a long time spent sitting.

Special seat shape

The seat is of special triangular shape which reduces the pressure on the rear thighs.

Backrest to support the waist

The backrest, with a width and curvature designed to hold the upper part of the waist, not only supports the back but also enables the operator to easily maintain a posture that lightens the load on the waist.

Simple elevating section

Since the existing simple, highly durable mechanism is adopted to the pedal type elevating section, raising, lowering and seat rotation lock can be performed easily and
Armrest with cushion

Armrest with cushion

The OC-1A armrest with cushion is slightly inclined inwards so that the arms are placed naturally.

Caster with big diameter and wide width

Casters with a large diameter and width reduce the resistance and enable the operator to move easily.

Stable base section

The base is stablised with five legs and the hydraulic mechanism has a low centre of gravity.

Elevation method Pedal, hydraulic type
Elevation stroke 187mm
Backrest up/down stroke 230mm
Seat size 380mm(W)×390mm(D)
Armrest front/rear stroke OC-1A : 170° (250mm)
OC-1B : Not provided
Weight OC-1A : 31kg
OC-1B : 25.5kg