Product Code: Neptune
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An eco-friendly edging system
Now you can respect the environment and get economic edging with the Neptune filtering system, which can be placed anywhere in your practice.
Easy to use
Available in Neptune and Neptune Mini

Closed-circuit edging system to reduce water waste
Reduce water consumption
Neptune prevents discharging fine particles of organic lenses into drains.
Cost saving, no daily water consumption
26 to 80 gallons of water can be saved daily (based on 30 to 50 jobs per day and a water consumption between 3 to 5 gallons per lens).
Replace filter bag after approximately 1,500 lenses for classic version and 1,200 lenses for Mini version.
Easy to use
Compact filtering system that can be used with any edger
Easy to use control panel
Warning light indicator on control panel when filter change is required
Optional odor-neutralizing module to help eliminate unpleasant odors from edging high index lenses