Product Code: Delta 2
Call for Price: 1300 657720

Do you lack space or have budget constraints? Are you looking for solutions that are simple, user-friendly and more intuitive? Do you need to increase productivity while you maintain compatibility with mechanical tracers?
Delta2 is the compact edging system to incorporate more comfort, speed, precision and versatility to your practice.
Compact High-Performance System that Covers All Essentials
Has all necessary functions for tracing, centering, blocking and edging.
Traces all types of lenses including demo lenses and re-cut lenses and patterns, irrespective of the lens color and power.
Centers and blocks all kinds of corrective lenses including re-cut lenses.
Edges all types of materials up to base 6 including hydrophobic lenses.
Exists in 3 configurations to fit your daily needs.
All-In-One Display
All functions traditionally performed by two or three instruments (tracer, center/blocker, edger) are now in one single display that provides two comfortable ergonomic improvements:
Natural posture reducing muscular stress
No need to move from one piece of equipment to another
Two Things at the Same Time
Thanks to its fully parallel window, you will be able to prepare a new job while edging a lens at the very same time without any restrictions.
Takes advantage of the precision and speed of the optical shape tracing – Its new “Place and Trace 3D Technology” allows you to trace any shape in a few seconds, ensuring extreme precision of the lens contours in 3D with the Optical Shape Tracing technology
Streamline your movement – Its patented innovative centering/blocking system introduces a natural and smooth flow of movement, greatly reducing the number of operations.
Get quickly up to speed with step-by-step video – The Delta2 video-assisted job preparation process ensures a precise and parallax-free lens centering. The selective zoom function guarantees a perfect visualization of the lens.