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Over 30% of all patients suffer from some type of blepharitis symptoms.
    BlephEx™ is an in-office procedure that allows an eyecare practitioner to take an active role in treating blepharitis.
    BlephEx™ reduces scurf and bacterial debris, the main causes of inflammatory lid disease, and improves the overall health of the eyelid.
    Patients will finally enjoy a life free from the chronic and irritating symptoms associated with blepharitis.
    The BlephEx™ treatment is well tolerated and only takes a few minutes to perform.
    BlephEx™ can save the patient hundreds of dollars in the costs of prescription drops and artificial tears


As an eye Practitioner, you know how prevelant blepharitis is among your patients. Now, thanks to BlephEx™ you can actually treat these patients right in your office.

Until now, your only options have been to try a different drop, give samples of artifical tears and/or attempt to explain home lid scrubbing. Now, you, the eye practitioner can take charge of this chronic irritating disease process, and take better care of your patients who depend on you for the latest in eye care treatment.

Studies have shown that up to 35% of all patients have some type of blepharitis symptoms and would benefit from a  BlephEx™ treatment. That number increases to over 70% in patients over 65. You will find a vast number of patients in your practice who will be looking to you for relief of their constant eye irritation.

After the pathology of blepharitis and its associated symptoms are explained to the patient, you will find a nearly 95% patient acceptance of this procedure and it's associated fee.

Not only can you take better care of your patients, but in the process, you can also take better care of your bottom line. BlephEx™ is very economical for patients. Thanks to BlephEx™, patients will save hundreds of dollars on prescription drops and artificial tears and you can add additional revenues to your practice income.

Afterwards, patients experience a near immediate resolution of their symptoms and will be extremely happy to finally be free of the chronic irritation and eye rubbing that they have suffered with for many years.

To inquire about implementing BlephEx™ in your practice, call 1300 657720 and find out more.