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Efficacy - Confidence in IOP Control

Long-term results from National University Hospital (NUHS), Singapore prospective clinical study1 showed:

    33% IOP reduction at 18 months, N = 38 patients
    61% med reduction (2.1 to 1.3)
    73% success rate with 1.3 sessions

 NUHS Clinical Study 2



 Multi-Centre Respective Data 1,3


Excellent Safety Profile

The MicroPulse P3™ Glaucoma Device powered by the CYCLO G6™ Glaucoma Laser System enables a versatile procedure with multiple safety benefits:

    Minimal to no inflammation post-op
    Patient downtime is significantly low

 Pre Treatment

Post Treatment with MP3.  No detectable evidence of tissue damage

 Images courtesy of A/Professor Paul Chew, NUHS 



2014 Randomized study shows MicroPulse P3™ Glaucoma Device has similar IOP reduction as G-Probe with higher success rate and no hypotony1


Pre-op IOP 36.5 mmHg 35.0 mmHg
N Total of 48 24 pts 24 pts
Average Follow-up 17.5 months 17.5 months
IOP Reduction 45% 45%
Success Rate (75%29%
Prologed Hypotony 0 5
Mean # of Treatments 1.6 1.3