Brand: Takagi
Product Code: OM-5
Call for Price: 1300 657720

Easy installation, easy adjustment, affordable price are important. We however, no compromise on quality, reliability, flexibility and serviceability. Takagi’s OM-5 Operating Microscope meets these requirements after taking all customer feedback into consideration.

Simple and affordable with many options to meet your optical requirements! MODEL OM-5 Operating Microscope that has been produced for ophthalmology, however, it is most suitable for surgical treatment and it is sufficiently adaptable to be used in the operating room.

Fusing image facility

With use of the converging optics with visual axis slanted by 6 degrees inward, the fusing image has been made feasible for a doctor claimed for diplopia so far and even for a beginner for microscope. It has become suitable eye positioning for operation.

High resolution and three magnification changer

The drum type magnification changing system enables a high resolution for total magnifications of 4.6x, 7.7x and 12.3x and furthermore the dial type P.D. adjustment mechanism, that is firstly available on this grade of microscope, a reasonable operating circumstances are permissible.

Motor driven focusing mechanism

By aid of foot switch operation, a maximum of 30mm focusing adjustable by motor driven focusing mechanism so it can be made just focus to the portion desirable to see.

The original balance arm mechanism

Taking advantage of the original balance arm mechanism extending up to the maximum stroke of 400mm, the operation microscope can be moved the most suitable position with Zoom and movable fixture smoothly and coordinating by manual operation to any optional establishment and quickly adjustable for arm balancing adjustment.

Cold light coaxial illumination

Cold light coaxial illumination with a high intensity 150W halogen lamp and light guide is adopted. Not only the coaxial illumination on the main, even the slit illumination to establish the optional illumination is adjustable steplessy up to its most suitable brightness.

Cobalt blue and green (red-free) filters are built-in.
Thanks to its built-in spare lamp unit even when the lamp bulb in use is burnt out, it can be replaced swiftly.

Total magnifications and real fields of view

0.6x 1.0x 1.6x
175 5.3 (37.3) 8.9(22.4) 14.2 (14)
200 4.7 42.7) 7.8(25.6) 12.5 (16)
250 3.8 53.3) 6.3(32) 10 (20)
300 3.2 (64) 5.3(38.4) 8.5 (24)
350 2.7 (74.7) 4.5(44.8) 7.2 (28)

*The figures in ( ) show diameters of the real fields of view in millimeters when a straight binocular tube f=125, with eyepieces 12.5x is used.

pe Magnification changer 3-step manual type
Objective F=175mm
Eyepieces 12.5x
Binoculars 45-degree binocular with converting optics
Total magnifications 4.6x,7.7x,12.3x
Real field of view Ø43.5mm,Ø26mm,Ø16.3mm
Focusing stroke 30mm
Illumination System Cold light coaxial illumination by fibre light guide
Light source 15V 150W halogen lamp
Field of illumination Ø45mm
Illumination control Continuous adjustment
Filters Heat-absorbing, cobalt blue and green
Arm, base Mount Floor stand
Maximum arm extension 1100mm
Arm vertical stroke 400mm
Base size 560mm × 600mm
Others Weight 60kg
Power consumption 220VA
Power supply AC120V, AC230V ; 50/60Hz