Brand: Canon
Product Code: CR2-AF
Call for Price: 1300 657720

Extremely compact Non Mydriatic retinal camera with 45° field angle. Uses a customised digital camera,- based on Canon’s famous EOS technology, with special image processing for ophthalmic imaging; including innovative digital Red-free and cobalt photography. White LED’s in stead of a flash tube lamp for extremely soft flash and long life time.

    45° Non Mydriatic Retinal camera
    2X  zoom
    Low flash mode
    High quality retinal imaging
    EOS camera technology
    Digital Red-Free and Cobalt images
    Auto Exposure
    Stereo Photography
    Anterior photography mode
    Full LED technology
    Ergonomic and compact design
    Open connectivity and DICOM compliant

    New generation of Mydriatic Retinal cameras , extremely compact and light weight. High quality imaging with ultra low flash intensity

45° Non Mydriatic Retinal Camera
With the CR-2 you can obtain high quality and high resolution diagnostic images in a very easy way. A minimum pupil diameter of ø 4.0 mm (only ø 3.3 mm in Small Pupil mode) is required.

2X digital zoom
Besides the true 45 degree image , a 2 x digital magnification provides a magnified image of the retina for viewing the details of the area of interest.

High quality retinal imaging
Canon’s expertise in the field of imaging technology and optics has resulted in the CR-2 exceptional digital retinal imaging capabilities Combined with a dedicated Cameral , based on EOS camera technology, the high resolution images can help the detection and monitoring of ocular conditions such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and macular degeneration.

EOS camera technology
Canon’s own EOS camera technology, with its renowned image processing capabilities, is adapted exclusively to create an unique digital camera dedicated to retinal imaging. With its dedicated firmware and 20+ MegaPixel it handles all these functions:
• Infrared observation
• Colour fundus photography
• Digital red-free and cobalt fundus photography
Digital Red-Free and Cobalt images
Canon’s expertise in image processing and digital cameras has resulted in innovative digital Red free and Cobalt photography as standard feature in the CR-2. The quality of these images is very much comparable to those obtained with optical filters

Low flash mode
Ultra low Flash Intensity for more patient comfort and faster examinations.
The soft LED flash in combination with the customized digital camera only require a very low flash intensity .It makes it possible to make faster examinations since the pupil almost does not shrink after the flash. So it will be possible to re- take photo’s or to take photos of both eyes in rapid sequence almost immediately. Especially beneficial when photographing elderly persons, who take long time to dilate again. Low flash is extremely useful while performing stereo photography. Low flash will allow to take 2 images for the stereo pair in rapid succession. The patient can easily remain fixed on the target. And importantly the patients’ discomfort will be reduced ; your patients will appreciate the standard low flash mode of the CR-2.

Auto Exposure
Depending on the reflection on the retina the intensity of the flash and observation light will be set automatically for every examination. Of course there is also a manual mode that always allows you full control of the CR-2

Stereo photography
The CR-2 has a software guided stereo photography mode for creating stereo pairs very easily. The display on the digital camera will indicate exactly how to align the CR-2 to create a stereo pair. Furthermore the Canon control software has extensive possibilities for storing and viewing stereo pairs
Anterior photography mode This new mode using an additional compensator lens now makes anterior segment fundus photography a quick and easy procedure.

LED technology
The latest in LED technology, coupled with the high sensitivity of the digital camera sensor, delivers greater patient comfort. Furthermore the CR-2 is equipped with infra red LEDs for the observation light. White LEDs have replaced the strobe tube in the new automatic exposure flash light, reducing the chance of seeing an after image. This in turn improves reliability and negates the need to retake images due to incorrect flash exposure, leading to faster screening.
LED technology for improved reliability and extended life-time.

Ergonomic and compact design
The central control system with illuminated panel has been specifically designed for intuitive user operation in darkened room environments. The ergonomically-shaped surface assists with the alignment phases of examination. CR-2 also provides exceptional portability. The compact design allows the operator to easily keep the patient’s eye open with one hand.

Enhanced overview provides an excellent view of the patient’s eye. The Multifunctional joystick makes changeover
between external eye and retinal observation mode very simple. The focus adjustment can be easily adjusted using the intuitive control dial at the base of the joystick . Only minimum effort is required for up and down adjustment of the optical head

Bundled Retinal Imaging Control Software
The CR-2 comes with Canon's Retinal Imaging Control Software (RICS) for full camera control and image optimization The software has extensive diagnostic tools for optimized workflow and patient management. e.g. Cup/Disc ratio calculation, compare studies, RGB channel display, stereo viewing.

Open connectivity and DICOM compliant
The CR-2 with RICS has extensive network capabilities and is fully DICOM compliant.

Sunix and Optomate interface