Sets of Ophthalmoscope and retinoscope in case.

BXa-13A -Rx LED Neitz Retino/Ophthal Set

 Neitz Ophthalmoscope/Retinoscope Set

AA Battery operated in case

LED illumination

BXa-13A-Rx Neitz Ret/Ophthal Set

 Halogen Ophthalmoscope/Retinoscope Set.

AA battery operated in case

BXα-RC-RX Neitz Ophthal/Retinos Set

Neitz Ophthalmoscope/Retinoscope Set

Rechargeable battery handle in case

4V Halogen Bulb illumination

RC-II Dual Desk Charger for BXa-RC

Houses up to two handles for charging Neitz rechargeable battery handles for Neitz Ophthalmoscopes/Retinoscopes