Thermaeyes Plus IPL

Product Code: Thermaeye Plus

New System for DRY EYE TREATMENT Maximum comfort for the patient, Maximum safety for the doctor.

ONE HAND PIECE 3 FILTERS More Treatments All Skin types
The different wavelengths available (520, 650 and 800 nm)* in combination with the Fractional Square Pulsed Technology, ensures greater absorption of light by melanin, allowing to work even in the darkest phototypes. Each shot of Thermaeye Plus can be divided up to 3 pulses. The Fractional Square Pulses allow the use higher power settings while protecting the skin.

The new contact cooling system ensures painless and minimally invasive treatments. This innovative MDS system allows the doctor to eliminate side effects such as redness or burns. Decreased Risk of Thermal Damage.
Very compact and lightweight device. Easy maintenance