Eye Warmer

Product Code: Eyewarmer


Explanation of how the Eye Warmer’s silicone rubber heating pad functions:

 Simple Explanation:


The medical-grade silicone rubber is infused with specialised nano carbons that interact with the electric current passing through and produces heat. This design is patented and the materials are appropriately used as a heating pad:- it is flexible, washable, lightweight, low power consumption and can be powered with just a standard 5V USB.

More Details:

The thermal energy emitted by the heating pad is within the Far Infrared (FIR) range of 3-12μm wavelength. The human body actually emits Far Infrared range of approximately 4-50μm, hence the rubber heating pad is well within the bounds of own bodies electromagnetic spectrum.


Here is how the heating pad is constructed. Pink represents the silicone rubber heating pad, it is wrapped around with polyester (represented by blue) for strength and durability.



What the heating element looks like inside:




Notice the DC, + and – is not connected in a loop on the left hand side. The semiconductor nano carbons inside the rubber will interact with the electrically-charged particles to produce heat when it is powered. The nano carbons can be spread across the whole rubber pad and allows a large uniform heating surface area. This is not traditional heating using a wire element, that is why the rubber heating material is specialised and patented.