Dry Eye Diagnostic System D-130

Platform for Comprehensive Ocular Surface Examination
Dry eye diagnosis/Anterior Segment Photography/Lens fitting/
Patient management/Telemedicine
Guided examination:providing a comprehensive report covering 7 dry eye diagnosis.
Non-invasive examination,Quantitative data.
Full-automatic Firefly digital module ,easy operation without parameter settings.
High quality optics and built-in yellow filter efficiently increase the accuracy of lens fitting.
Professional 1/1.8-inch sensor and 2.4μm pixel,real-time playing and storage.
Smart patient management system,DICOM supported.

Automatic Classificationof Meibomian Glandswith unique Built-in infrared lighting system providing a larger scope capture of the meibomian

Adjustable depth of field and aperture enabling more vivid images.
Precise diagnosis of Dry Eye caused by MGD is guaranteed with the help of automatic meibomian glands loss classification

Full Cornea Dry Eye Analysis
By Placido ring projection system with visiblelight,the examination scope is up to 10mm cornea diameter. Diagnosis of the tear film
which out of pupil center has the same significance for the diagnosis of Dry Eye.

Non-Invasive Break Up Time
Non-Invasive Tear Meniscus Height
Evaluation of Meibomian Glands Function
Lipid Layer Thickness
Eyelid Margin evaluation
AI Analysis of Conjunctival Hyperemia
The unique AI identification system can identify and calculate percentages of conjunctival
congestion and ciliary congestions and evaluate severity of eye congestion.

Come complete with comprehensive patient management system and Dry Eye Comprehensive Evaluation Report.