Complete anterior chamber analysis & vision need assessment and now with Eyestrain Measurement.

The Wave Analyzer Medica 700+ is a very intuitive, rapid, and fully automatic solution combining 7 functions to simplify screening with patient eye wellness assessment & provide detailed measurements for vision solution recommendation.

Now with Objective near eyestrain measurement.



  • Glaucoma screening with improved tonometry using fixation point and IOP value automatically corrected according to corneal thickness
  • Crystalline lens opacity check for cataract screening
  • Keratoconus detection with topography analyzing over 100,000 points on the cornea
  • New measurement reliability indicators for secured screening


  • Automated correlation between pupil diameter and objective refraction in different lighting conditions for precise need assessment
  • Easy-to-show day/night simulation of patients’ vision with/without glasses to highlight the myopic effect at night
  • A comprehensive summary of high order aberrations coefficients to highlight the glare effect at night


Near Eyestrain Examination Purpose

  • Educating young presbyope on their near eyecare needs.
  • Improved PAL decision making process.
  • Assessment of near vision requirements in relation to use digital media.
  • Detects potential eyestrain before the examination to allow reinforcement of findings.


  • Intuitive navigation and exam workflow with 10.1″ touchscreen
  • Clear and customizable by the practitioner Eye Wellness results reports
  • Easy XML-based data and images sharing

The WAVE ANALYZER is a fast and effective automatic aberrometer that provides 7 different detailed measures in one easy-to-use solution. With wireless connectivity, it facilitates the sharing of results with patients and transfer of data for follow-up monitoring or action.

  • Based on wavefront and Shack-Hartmann technology
  • Large touch screen makes it simple to navigate or follow the progression of the measurement cycle
  • Easy data sharing with clear and customizable result reports
  • Comprehensive measurements :
    • 1/100 diopter refraction for day and night vision
    • Low and high order aberration with simulation of vision quality
    • Topography and pupillometry for contact lens fitting and keratoconus detection
    • Retro-illumination of crystalline lens for opacity check and cataract screening
    • Scheimpflug-based pachymetry and tonometry for secured glaucoma screening