Fast and accurate measurements with built-in automation

Design to help measure patients with small pupils or difficult to dilate pupils. The RK-F2 automatically aligns, acquires readings then moves to the other eye to perform the same function. If needed, manually set the RK-F2 to examine only one eye. You can also store up to 10 measurements for each eye.


    Compact and lightweight

    Weighing 15kg, the unit is compact so you can maximise exam space. Easily sit it on an instrument table with a Canon Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera or Full Auto Tonometer (all sold separately).

  • Corneal periphery measurement icon

    Corneal periphery measurement

    The peripheral keratometry mode offers measurements for oblique astigmatisms. Make a series of measurements at a 30 degree angle from the eye's centre along the attentive meridians.

  • joystick icon

    Motorised Omni-Directional Joystick

    Eye alignment is easy with the motorised omni-directional joystick. The top of the joystick button includes the start button - for a quick trigger once the patient is properly positioned.

  • Multifunction colour LCD icon

    Multi-functional colour LCD display

    Whether your'e sitting or standing, the 5.7" colour LCD monitor tilts 40° for a comfortable examination. The clear LCD display will allow you to switch between menus quickly.

  • Retinal processing

    Pick your mode

    Choose 3D tracking for movement & pupil detection. Full Auto mode for one touch use for auto-refraction & curvature measurement. Press start & the ref-keratometer will alignment in both eyes for you.

  • Exam and followup icon

    Retro illumination

    Using infrared retro-illumination, the RK-F2 provides a detailed view of the eye which is helpful for identifying cataracts, vitreous opacity, scars, and other serious eye problems..

  • Focus icon

    Small pupil mode

    At 2mm, the small pupil mode can measure and read small pupils. Short reaching distance allows closer personal interaction and makes it easy to access the patient's eyes.

  • Choroid observation setting icon

    Wide measurement range

    The dioptric measurement range of -30D to +22D lets you examine myopia/hyperopia. Astigmatic range from 0 to 10D. and the radius of curvature extends from 5 to 10 mm (33.75D to 67.5D) for keratometry.




Type:                        Full Auto Ref-Keratometer
Alignment:              Mode Full Auto/Auto/Manual
Auto Function:         Auto Shoot
Fixation Target         Internal fixation/ Automatic fogging system

Corneal Pupil Diameter:    2 to 16 mm
Retro-Illumination:    2 images may be stored in memory

Data Memory:        Maximum 10 measurements of REF and KER for each eye

Interface:              RS - 232C, USB Host, LAN
Display:                 Tilting 5.7 inch VGA color TFT LCD screen       

Operation Range:    Front/Back: 40 mm,Left/Right: 90 mm, Up/Down: 30 mm

Built:-In Printer:       Thermal line printer with easy loading and auto cutter

Chin Rest:               Up/Down: 60 mm (Electrical)

Joystick:                 Single-Axis (Electrical)

Sphere (SPH):         -30 to +22 D (when Vertex distance of 12 mm)
Cylinder (CYL):         0 to ±10D (Increments: 0.12D and 0.25D)       
Axis (AX):                1° to 180° (Increments: 1 mm)
Pupil Distance (PD):   30 to 88 mm
Minimum Pupil Size:    2mm
Radius of Curvature:    5 to 10 mm (Increments: 0.01 mm)
Corneal Power:        33.75 to 67.5D (When cornea equivalent refractive index is 1.3375)

Corneal Astigmatism:    0 to -15D
Axis:                           1° to 180° (Increments: 1 mm)
Corneal Periphery:        Measurement area: 30° (When radius of curvature is 8 mm)
Corneal Diameter:    2 to 14 mm
Electrical and Environmental Power Saving System

Power Supply:        100 - 240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption:    80VA
Physical Characteristics
Dimensions (W x L x H)    Approximately (260 x 490 x 470 mm)
Weight:            Approximately 15 kg