Kay Picture Test Linear Crowded Book

Brand: Kay Pictures
Product Code: KPTLINEAR

The Kay Picture Test Linear Crowded Book with distance LogMAR sizing at three metres from 0.70 to -0.20. It also includes a near testing and matching card. The pictures are presented in a row of five boxes to provide consistent crowding. There are four different arrangements of the picture optotypes at each acuity size. The test is suitable for naming and matching from an age of 30 months+.

New, fully-researched picture optotypes that provide a reliable visual acuity measurement comparable with ETDRS. Six pictures have an improved and modernised design with consideration of recent research evidence on spacing and crowding. The six pictures were shown to be the most recognisable to children under 30 months and with minimum variability in legibility across the optotypes. Click here to read the published research behind the redevelopment of our optotypes.