The imposing unit with its original and attractive rounded shape, enriched by the panels covered with the same fabric as chair upholstery; the original design of column and overhead lamp, perfectly integrated with the unit; as well as the chair with its base: the main features which, at first glance, make PANVISUS MOON ophthalmic unit an important piece of decoration for every ophthalmic room. But it is only with its daily use that other important characteristics can be appreciated: sturdiness and functionality.
PANVISUS MOON is equipped with either a sliding table top or a delta table top for two instruments
PANVISUS MOON is available with five different models of electrically height adjustable chairs: Prima, Gloria, Liberty, Sonne, and Alles; with several colours of upholstery.
PANVISUS MOON is equipped with a foldaway drawer, sited in a convenient position, for placing ophthalmoscope and skiascope, protected from dust.
PANVISUS MOON ALU version is characterised by grey finish and by unit panels covered with an exclusive aluminium striped laminate.

Features and standard equipment:
Sliding table top for two instruments - Prima chair with electrical height adjustment with either black skai or grey dotted skai upholstery - Transformer for instrument power supply - Overhead lamp with incandescent light - Chart projector support, adjustable in direction - Anti-dust foldaway drawer for ophthalmoscope and skiascope – Chest of drawers - Light grey finish and unit panels covered with the same upholstery of chair (but with grey skai when chair upholstery is black)

Accessories and special versions:
Phoropter arm with counterbalancing mechanism by F.I.S.O. – Tip-up foot rest for Prima chair– Gloria, Liberty, Sonne, Alles chairs – Head rest for Sonne/Alles chair – Delta table top for two instruments – Mechanism for delta table top for the perfect centring of the instruments – Overhead lamp with incandescent light with adjustable light intensity – All colours of both finish and chair upholstery shown in F.I.S.O.’s pattern-book – ALU version

PANVISUS MOON: beauty and functionality to satisfy any need.