Ocular MaxAC® 20D Small

The OI-20AS glass aspheric lens not only features a high transmittance glass for bright, clear images; it is also steam sterilizable. Less obtrusive for patient. Allows for close positioning when viewing the temporal quadrant. High resolution 20 diopter optic offered at the same comfortable diameter as our traditional 28D lens. More ergonomic than the traditional 20D* for smaller patients.

 * Ocular Instruments OI-20M  clear aperture = 48mm


Compatible with the following sterilization trays:

MaxAC® Lens Stand (OI-LSA)

Indirect Sterilizing Tray (OI-ST)

Product Code: OI-20AS
Image Mag: 3.0x
Laser Spot Mag: .33x
Static FOV: 40°
Clear Aperture: 38.5mm
Working Distance: 47mm