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The plusoptiX A12C Hand Held Paediatric Autorefractor is specially designed for infants, children and uncooperative patients. From a distance of ONE METER and in just ONE SECOND or less, a measurement of both eyes is taken simultaneously and provides reliable & accurate measurement values of refraction, pupil diameter and interpupillary distance. Measurements can also be taken over a patients glasses and contact lenses. With the ease of use and fully automated function, measurements can be easily performed by an assistant and not only the healthcare practitioner.

• The plusoptiX A12 measures both eyes simultaneously within one second and in one meter distance to the child
• Used in un-dilated pupils: measurements of Hyperopia, Myopia, Astigmatism and Anisometropia provide valuable data for a quick vision examination. Additionally, results can be used as a starting point for Retinoscopy or to confirm Retinoscopic results
• Possible measurement in Cycloplegia

Measurement Results
• Refraction (Sphere, cylinder and axis)
• Symmetry of corneal reflexes
• Pupil diameter and pupil distance

• Mobile use at different screening locations
• Battery operated device
• In-built touchscreen
• W-LAN interface to transfer measurement results or patient data in your practice network or to print self-adhesive labels
• The measurement from one meter distance is reliable and delegable
• Uninfluenced by medications
• Even children with Nystagmus and uncooperative patients can be measured in less than one second
• Measurements can be taken over glasses and contact lenses
• If a Skiascopy in Cycloplegia is required, it proceeds faster because of the existing measurement values, especially cylinder and axis. Furthermore, you have a result to compare with.
• No wrong myopic results will occur because of the device myopia (device accommodation)
• Entry examination of infants and children in your practice will be substantially simplified


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