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EndoProbe Handpieces

 IRIDEX EndoProbe instruments are designed with quality and ergonomics in mind. The probes are made with high-quality laser fibers to ensure the best beam and energy delivery. The metal handle is weighted for improved feel and has a guide to indicate the direction of the fiber needle for use with angled probes. IRIDEX probes allow precise positioning while maintaining a safe working distance from the target area providing the ophthalmologist with uncompromised laser treatment of all intravitreal pathologies.




Standard Straight

Our standard straight probe provides direct access to treatment site, facilitating easy insertion and extraction at the sclerotomy site. Available in 20, 23, and 25 gauge models.

Standard Angled

The IRIDEX angled (45°) probe, is used for treatment of the peripheral retina and includes a tapered tip for added visibility of the treatment area and easier insertion into the eye. Available in 20 gauge.


The aspirating probe combines the utility of active aspiration and endophotocoagulation in a single device, eliminating the need for extrusion needles and frees hand for illumination. Available in straight, angled (45°) and passive fluted models in 20 gauge.


The illuminating probe provides white-light illumination with laser delivery in one convenient handpiece. Models include: Bayonet straight and angled (30°). Available in 20 gauge. BriteLight Flush straight and angled (30° and 45°). Available in 19.5 gauge.

Adjustable & Intuitive (standard and reverse)

The adjustable probe allows continuous adjustment of fiber optic over a wide range of angles (0-90°) for full coverage of peripheral retina without removing probe from eye, offering consistent mode quality and spot size across all angles. Available in 20, 23, and 25 gauges.

Stepped Angled

The stepped angled (45°) probe includes a smooth, gently tapered needle that permits insertion of angle tip through standard 25, 23, and 20 gauge cannulas, offering a rigid, fixed angle for a sturdy alternative to flex-tip probes. Available in 20 – 24, 23 – 27, and 25 – 30 models.




OtoProbe Handpieces
 The OtoProbe is intended for delivering laser energy during ENT procedures, such as stapedectomy and stapedotomy. Click here for more information.


Transscleral Handpieces

DioPexy™ Probe

The DioPexy™ Probe allows transscleral treatment of retinal holes, tears, and detachments as well as intraocular tumors, ROP, and neovascular glaucoma. An integrated optic at the distal tip permits convenient laser energy deliver at right angles and the shape of the tip automatically enables easy scleral indentation for efficient and consistent transmission through tissue. Clinical results are comparable to cryopexy with significantly less inflammation and post-treatment discomfort.


The G-Probe™ performs transscleral cyclophotocoagulation (TSCPC) to lower intraocular pressure in patients with uncontrolled glaucoma. The non-invasive fiber-optic laser handpiece allows selective ablation of ciliary processes. The patented design ensures accurate probe placement and spacing of treatment sites. Treatment with the G-Probe induces significantly less inflammation and post-operative pain than cryotherapy and can be performed in an office setting. A short handle version is also available for treatment at a slit lamp, allowing better visualization during treatment.

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