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The dacrioscope EASYTEAR®view+ [from the greek dákryon = tear; skope = observation] is a ophthalmic instrument specifically

designed and developed to observe the tear film and the anterior segment of the eye in a non-invasive way.

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The EASYTEAR®view+ is capable of achieving a wider corneal reflection by means of extremely homogeneous light beams

reducing the formation of shadows.

EASYTEAR®view+ allows you to perform a non invasive tear assessment assisting the diagnosis of dry eye.

The analysis of the tear film allows you to choose the most suitable eye drop and treatment regime.

It is equipped with three types of LED lighting adjustable in intensity in order to avoid dazzle: white, blue and infrared.

This  innovative system allows better light diffusion and provides a calibrated color rendering constant  to minimizes any alteration

and drying of the film tear during the examination.

EASYTEAR®view+ is compatible with most  slit lamps.



The white LEDs of EasyTear® view + create a wide corneal reflection that is able to highlight the phenomenon

of interference fringes of the lipid layer of the tear film. In this way, the clinician can estimate the thickness of tear film.

With the addition of suitable grids it is possible to record NiBut and irregularities of the corneal surface.
The infrared light LEDs of EasyTear® view + allow the examiner to investigate the integrity and functionality of the

Meibomian glands. 


The blue LEDs of EasyTear® view+ produce an illuminated area larger than that produced by normal slit lamps.

In this way it is possible to observe the fluorescein patterns of large diameter contact lenses as well as limbar and scleral lenses.

With this illumination you can perform BUT, blink analysis and evaluation of corneal staining.



EasyTear®view+ allows to obtain a wide field of observation thanks to its contoured shape that allows examination

closer to the face of the patient. It is designed to not interfere with maneuvers such as eyelid eversion, push up test and handling

of fitted contact lenses. 



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