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Eidon is the first true color confocal scanner in the market. It provides unsurpassed image quality, 60 field in a single exposure, 110-120 degree field in Auto Wide Field mode and 150 degree field in manual mode and a unique, live, confocal view of the retina, thus opening new opportunities in retinal diagnostics.e btn brochure



eidon sideBenefits of the EIDON:

    True color and infrared confocal images
    Super-high resolution and contrast
    Capability to image through cataract and media opacities
    Dilation-free operation
    Optimal exposure of the optic disc
    Exam time less than 1’ per eye (single field)
    From Fully automated to Fully manual mode
    User friendly software interface

How it works
Eidon has been designed to provide maximum flexibility during use. Its intuitive commands permit to range from fully automated to fully manual mode.
It works with a dedicated software application and operates as a standalone unit, through the use of a high resolution, multi touch, color display tablet.
The device captures 60° in a single exposure, supports single or multi-field acquisitions, provides seven predefined fields and allows selection of any non standard field by displacing the fixation target.
It auto aligns to the patient’s pupil, focuses the retina and captures images, IR and color, using a soft light source that guarantees maximum patients’ comfort.

What you see is what it is!
The unique combination of confocal imaging and white light illumination offers superior image quality and color fidelity. Using white light, the retina appears as it looks when directly observed, as the entire visible spectrum is present in the captured image.



Key Features

    - Extreme ease of use: patient auto-sensing, auto-alignment, auto-focus.
    - All-in-one compact design, no additional PC required (Small footprint) standalone operation.
    - Local storage of Patients information and images.
    - Tablet operated
    - Short exam time: captures one eye in less than 1' (single field)
    - Multiple imaging techniques with different light sources
    - True color images
    - 60° in a single exposure, widefield mosaic out to 110° in automatic mode and 150° in manual mode

Technical Specifications
Image Acquisition : Full Auto or Manual
Field of view: 60° x 55°

Field of acquisition: Up to 150 degrees
Non mydriatic operation
(2.5 mm minimum pupil size)
Working distance: 28 mm
Sensor size: 14 MPixel (4608x3288)
Resolution: 60 pixel/deg
Visible light spectrum ranges: 440 - 650 nm
Infrared light spectrum range: 825 - 870 nm
Movable internal fixation target
External fixation
Tablet based interface
Weight: 25 Kg (55 lbs)
Size: 62 x 59 x 36 cm (24’ x 23’ x 14’)
Digital joystick with holder


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