Canon OCT HS-100

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Canon OCT-HS100,
Canon’s first OCT,


Automatic eye alignment
Automatic Eye tracking

Automatic fundus tracking and rescan 
Auto focusing

Automatic workflow with memorised scan sequences
HQ SLO fundus preview
70,000 A scans/sec
High patient throughput
3 micron Axial resolution (true non digital resolution)
Averaging of maximal 150 images ( digital 1 micron appearance)

ultrawide field ganglion cell analysis
10 layer recognition

13mm scan  possile
SLO tracking follow up
Compact device
Large freedom in operator /patient position
Extensive Analysis software
Large normative database

DICOM standardised

Fully automatic - operating an OCT has never been easier.

 Reviews: as appearing in OA's Instrument Supplement 2014.

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