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VX-110 - auto refraction, wavefront aberometry and topography. e btn brochure

The VX 110 is a unique, complete,  and fully automatic refraction and topography device.  The VX 110 features variations of refraction, pathologies such as keratoconus, and fitting of contact lenses with integrated topography. With full integration in mind, the VX 110 is designed to be able to export measurements and findings and archive your data using Wi-Fi, USB key, office networks, etc.


Fully automated  
•  Fully automatic 3D and R/L eye alignments
• Operator independent measurements
•  High reproducibility of measurements
 Automatic alignment and measurement which allows
• High reliability for measurements
• Significant time savings
• Optimal comfort based on ergonomic design
 Additional customers benefits
•  Quick detection of refraction, higher order aberrations, and warning indications for measurements outside of normal parameters
•  Easily transfer patient measurements to the doctor for exam •  A refined and highly accurate refraction due to advancedtechnology and added features
• Delegation of tasks
 Ready for communication
The VX 110 can be set up in a network to integrate with your patient   management software and provide a variety of communication options to  optimize your work flow.
 • Review results from any supported device (tablet,  smartphone, etc.)
• Print directly from your local or network printer
• Customize your reports
• Synchronize data, graphs, and maps for any examination
• Communication enabled with other instruments


General Dimensions
W 320 mm x D 555 mm x H 540 mm W 12.59 in. x D 21.8 in x H 21.25 Weight 27 kg / 59.5 lbs. Working distance 94 mm Alignment XYZ automatic
10,1” (1 024 x 600) TFT screen Multi-touch screen Observation area ø 14 mm
Integrated black and white - external color available Voltage 100/120, 220/240 V CA, 50/60 Hz, 300 W
Medical directive CE 0473
Output RS232 / USB / VGA / LAN
AR & power mapping (Wavefront) Spherical power range -20D to +20D Cylinder power range 0D to + 8D Axis 0 to 180° Measuring area Min. ø 2 mm - Max. 7 mm (3 areas) Number of measuring points 1,500 points Acquisition time. 0.2 sec Method Shack-Hartmann
Corneal topography Number of rings 24 Number of measuring points 6,144 Number of points analyzed More than 100,000
Diameter of covered corneal area at 43D
From 0.33 mm to more than 10 mm Diopters measured field From 1 to 100 Repeatability 0.02 mm Method Placido rings

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