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Measuring image

Placido head 20rings and 6292 measuring points.
Maximum measuring area 10.6mm in 43 Diopter.

Corneal Maps

Axial, tangential, elevation and refractive in normalized, absolute,numeric and adjustable scales.
Also add layers(grid,rings,keratometric and pupil)and interpolation.

3D Maps

3D corneal maps and 3D corneal indexes.
You can change the perspective angle by dragging the mouse both vertically and horizontally.

Corneal Profiles

Corneal profiles and Corneal structure.

Multiple Maps

4 different corneal maps available.   
Contact lens tools
You can obtain a suggested lens and seethe movement of the lens on the eye while blinking.

Corneal lndexes

This windows shows different corneal indexes,like eccentricity, asphericity and shape factor. Also includes the KISA% index algorithm for keratoconus detection.

Eye View

You can see the whole cornea. Measurement is done using rectangle, oval and line shapes, clicking over the image,and dragging the mouse.

Printing Topographer Report

CT-1000 allows you to print the current map displayed,in the Corneal Structure screen, in a topographic report, including the Keratometric Corneal Profile and the eye's image to verify the detected rings.

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